lunes, febrero 25, 2008

Forget me

Leave me here in outer space – we have danced the
Dreams - for as long as we could – thine cold hands
Were holding mine – and I searched thee for so long
Keep this breath inside – it might be the last thou take!

I spread my wings and fly away
Cause this might be the only way
I love thee more than words can tell
I'll follow – but did'st thou forget me?
Spread thine wings and follow me
To the darkness we can feel
With blind eyes that can see me above thee
But did'st thou forget me?

Met thee there in broken land
Thou hadst n more dreams
To keep a continuesly breathing
My cold teeth inside thine neck
The flesh and spirit in eternity
The last drop's made me mad
And then I lost myself inside thee

My blood and thine - together in eternity
I gave you blind eyes – that can see
Things outside of reality
Back from the abyss – I learned thee fly
Back from the grave - I still adore thee
I still love thee – I still need thee.


jueves, febrero 07, 2008


Ley: No hay nada como tener que estudiar para que te entren ganas de limpiar el piso.

Corolario: Si en época de exámenes tampoco limpias la casa, eres mas guarro de lo que pensabas.

Escuchando Ave End de Lacrima Profundere. ¡De manga corta!